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ZACAMBU RAINFOREST LODGE is located 75 km (47 miles) from Leticia. It is in an area of the jungle subject to flooding, which is full of lakes, swamps, and waterways through the aquatic jungle. These waterways connect the Amazon and Javari rivers during the rainy season, making for a unique environment and unmatched scenery. This region is home to many species of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, and primates, all under a rainforest canopy. It is a harmonious habitat which permits incomparable direct contact with nature. The lodge has three modules with double, triple, and family rooms, which are all protected with anti-mosquito screens. There are central bathrooms with modern plumbing, a hammock room for resting, a bar-restaurant, and comfortable chairs for relaxing in your free time while chatting with new-found friends and sipping regional drinks.
Restaurant: We use local ingredients, including diverse species of fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, and tubers, all sourced locally and exquisitely prepared to tantalize our visitors’ palates. We prepare all foods and drinks with potable water.
Staff: The lodge is staffed with local people who were born and raised in the jungle. They are ready to serve you and to share their knowledge in their characteristically friendly and unaffected way, providing the attention needed so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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