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Since 1989

We are a tour operator company located in the heart of the Colombian Amazon. We operate professionally and responsibly, and have been providing knowledgeable and unique experiences since 1989. Our lodges, with a capacity for 30 persons, are ideally situated at two strategic locations in different ecosystems, guaranteeing a unique and individual experience in areas accessed and explored exclusively by our clients. While protecting biodiversity and the environment, and by locally sourcing our staff, we have crafted an experience in which your visit will leave a positive impact on our local heritage. We know that you want the trip of your dreams to be trouble-free, and we take great pains to address even the smallest details so that you can have a fantastic tour. We also provide, at no additional cost, helpful information and insight so that you can choose the most appropriate lodging and transportation while in Leticia, and for the trips you may wish to take into Brazil or Peru at your own discretion.

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Antonio Cruz Pérez:

I was born and raised in the jungle. I lived for a time in California, exchanging the traditional for the modern, though without losing my cultural identity. I inherited my experience from my ancestors who were the original inhabitants of this region, and I have spent more than 40 years showcasing the authentic jungle. As founder and owner of the touristic operations company Amazon Jungle Trips, and of the Zacambu Rainforest Lodge (on the Javari River) and the Reserva Natural Tupana Arü Ü (on the Amazon River) reserves, my priority is to fulfill the dreams and expectations of each one of our visitors. I promote training in environmental preservation among local inhabitants, and employ them in my ecotourism operations.


Our lodges and tours operate with a net-zero impact on the surrounding environment. We provide information and training in sustainability, which encourages our employees and the local populace to use and promote sustainable practices in their daily lives. Enjoy ecotourism activities without damaging the environment or the local communities, and thus ensure that future generations can also enjoy the same opportunities.